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3505 W Pico Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90019
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Legaspi Courts Design is comprised of founders Edel Legaspi and Christopher Courts.

In 2011, Christopher founded his namesake firm Christopher David Associates, offering custom residential design to a multitude of clients in Southern California. Edel Legaspi joined the firm soon after to develop the interior design arm of the firm’s multidisciplinary practice offering residential and commercial interiors.

As of recent, the company renamed as Legaspi Courts Design to showcase the diversity of the studio’s design capabilities. The studio is currently working on various projects in Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, Brentwood, and throughout Southern California. Recent projects they’ve completed have garnered accolades and press from Interior Design Magazine, Variety and several online publications.

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We believe a project should be as practical as it is beautiful, and that the function of a space is as important as its form.  By combining our 20 plus years of experience, our love for unique custom design, and our understanding of the needs of modern clients, we are able to produce projects that feel as though they are a self-portrait of the client’s that inhabits them.  


We strive to work with clients who have an understanding and appreciation for the CREATIVE PROCESS.  They are style driven yet practical, brave in the orientation and interested in engaging in a collaborative process based on the freedom to explore new ideas.


The greatest compliment we can receive from one of our clients is:

“You’ve created a home that feels like it is truly ours.”

It is our intention to dive into our client’s desires and needs. Our discovery phase includes an extensive interview process, image/mood boarding, and educational outings. From visits to a local museum to taking a drive around Los Angeles to be inspired, we work to discover the design elements that speak in the most authentic way to our client’s aesthetic inclination.



Edel’s career has spanned over a decade, encompassing a variety of projects ranging from corporate interiors to large-scale custom residential projects. Her design philosophy stems from a commitment to the client’s vision and her own passion for producing multi-layered spaces. Key elements in Edel’s design approach includes a keen understanding of the architecture of the space and the client’s lifestyle while infusing a chic balance between color, texture, and function in finishes and furnishings.

Edel is also regarded for her technical knowledge of how the construction process works in both residential and commercial projects.  She can easily transition from designing and detailing custom furniture to managing multiple trades in more complex projects. Edel’s versatility as a designer makes her a valuable partner for many clients who entrust her in providing them the best outcome for their project. 

As a child, Edel knew she was always going to be in the arts. Many afternoons after homework, were spent admiring architectural models and drawings sprawled throughout her Architect uncle’s home office.  After debating between majoring in fashion or fine art, an opportunity to work with famed interior designer Kelly Wearstler defined her path to interior design.  While completing her Interior Architecture degree at Woodbury University, she was fortunate to garner professional training under Kelly and other senior designers, where she worked on signature projects, such as the Viceroy hotels.  Adding to her versatility, Edel then moved on to work with local award winning architectural firms where she held senior design positions and completed creative and complex architectural and interior projects for Fortune 500s and entertainment clients.  As of recent, she has also contributed her talents and consulted with noted designer Jamie Bush + Co on several published residences.

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Growing up as a child, Chris would always watch over his father’s shoulder. His father was a draftsman that spent many nights and weekends at home on the drafting table, working on house plans for clients. This was his side job. Although it was not his primary career, it was the one his father was most passionate about. Chris could see that passion through his eyes and through his personal connection with his clients. This is where Chris inherited his own love for the profession and knew that this was his path going forward.

In pursuance of that path of passion, it lead Chris to studying architecture at Woodbury University and working for two highly distinguished architectural firms of James V. Coane & Associates and Sinclair Associates Architects. At both firms, he lead and completed many highly detailed custom residences for high profile and celebrity clientele. After 10 plus years of experience and expertise, the opportunity came about for Chris to take the next step.

He started Christopher David Associates in 2011. It was then that Chris was truly able to use his passion for architecture to the fullest to be able to connect with his own clients. Every project is a direct collaboration between Chris and his clients, many of whom he works with again and again on multiple projects. Chris always approaches each custom project as if they are for himself…..this creates a personal connection with his clients that goes above and beyond making sure that no detail is missed. This lasts all the way through the project from start to finish. It allows him to maximize the inherent potential of each space that not only reflects his own unique style but to also accurately portray his client’s lifestyle and way of living.